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Gavin Duley, Central, Hong Kong, 1st August 2017Gavin Duley

I am a student of oenology, botany, and TESOL. I am currently studying for a PhD in Oenology  in northern Italy, and I also have an MPhil in Oenology from the University of Adelaide. My PhD thesis examines sustainable wine production in Südtirol, and my MPhil thesis looked at at the impact of climate on colour in Australian Pinot Noir wines and the use of metabolomic methods to characterise Australian Pinot Noir wines.

I love good food and good wine — especially the food and wine of the Burgundy region. I also love travel. I am a keen photographer, and some of my photos can be seen here on this blog, over at my photo gallery, or on Instagram as @penguinoid. My home page is www.gavinduley.org, and wine tasting notes are mostly available via CellarTracker. My old (pre-2014) blog can be found at oldblog.wodewose.org, and my old photo gallery at oldgallery.wodewose.org.

I have also worked as edit scientific papers in a number of disciplines but am taking a break during my PhD. Please have a look at editbioscience.com for more details.